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September 12, 2012 / samwilson60

Onwards and upwards

After such a stunning day dawn till dusk we were due some rain. And we got it – from drizzly to torrential to almost snow, we had two days and two nights of varied but constant precipitation. After the first soggy morning, when the volcano kettle coped marvelously but we got rather damp, we decided we were better off camping wild somewhere where we could put up the tarp for cover (thank you Rosie!). Given that this was only the second of up to 300 or so attempts to come, we were rather proud of the result!

In fact, we enjoyed the water in all its forms, with even tiny streams turned into raging waterfalls and, of course, larger waterfalls and fjords all around. We mainly stuck to the mountain passes, which were beautiful even in the rain, but couldn’t avoid the tunnels altogether – they’re very, very dark and often quite rough and ready, with the notable exception of the one with a roundabout inside!

We made good progress, which is handy because we also started doing the maths – Nordkapp, not to mention Cape Town, is still a long way away! But we’re a damn sight further along than we were a week ago, we’re really enjoying it already and the sun has returned!


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