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September 15, 2012 / samwilson60

Arctic Circle and beyond

We left Trondheim just as the rain was setting in and decided to keep going until it stopped, moose hunting along the way. It didn’t let up and we had no moose sightings but made great progress up the E6, Norway’s Nordkapp Highway. As the only main road leading north, we were concerned it might be a bit boring – we needn’t have worried. The scenery was really rather nice and the road kept us on our toes.

When we realised we were within 100km of the Arctic Circle, we headed into the hopefully Moose-infested woods for another tarp-covered wild camp and our first game of Pass the Pigs. The first of many no doubt, and not in the least bit competitive 🙂

Next morning we were blessed with a sunny start and left camp in search of the Article Cirlce. Not quite Cape Cold, but an exciting landmark nonetheless!

The next decision was whether to keep ploughing on up the ‘main road’ or head out to the island of Lofoten for some more remote coastlines. We were sceptical about how much the boat would set us back but decided there was no harm enquiring. While trying to do so, we almost accidentally found ourselves in the queue and on the water within minutes. The only crossing for 24 hours, and cheaper than expected, it felt like this was meant to be. Even the weather forecast on the boat was promising. Thankfully, as you certainly wouldn’t want to do this bit in bad weather. Four hours out on deck watching the sun go down and catching a brief glimpse of a whale more than made up for the seasickness. As soon as we docked we dived into the first spot we could to lay our heads and save the really spectacular driving for daylight.


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