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September 19, 2012 / samwilson60

Nordkapp it is!

We’d been told it was very expensive to visit Nordkapp itself, and as this isn’t even the northernmost point in mainland Europe (Knivskjellodden is inaccessible by road but considered the real Cape Cold), we were in two minds. But it’s Nordkapp after all, and having come this far we agreed we should at least see how much further we could get before bankrupting ourselves. With the fog so thick, we almost didn’t notice the unmanned ticket booths and took a moment to realise that on a day like this it was actually possible to ‘sneak’ all the way out to Nordkapp. It was slightly harder to find the famous Nordkapp Cliff and its iconic monument, but with a little perseverance – and not too much walking round in circles – we made it!

Thankfully we had the GPS to help us retrace our steps to the car and sneak back out, but to where? We didn’t want to drive any further than we had to in the fog but felt a campsite would be more welcome after the hike than before. We found our way back to a signpost to Knivskjellodden and set up camp at what we assumed to be the start of the hike.

We were confident we’d awake to a mind-blowing panorama and have a safe trek out to our Cape Cold the following morning!


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