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September 19, 2012 / samwilson60

To the Cape

We did indeed reach Nordkapp the following day, and what a day it proved to be. The constant drizzle revived our hopes in a sunny-ish hike ahead, and as we pondered the lack of moose sightings – something we’ll rectify on our way back south, no doubt – we happened upon a reindeer.  And then another, and another. They’re well camouflaged but once we realised what we were looking for, we saw herd after herd. Our favourite so far is this one – his red antlers stood out a mile.

We’ve later seen others who’ve decorated their antlers to impress the ladies, but we haven’t got any snaps of them yet. Watch this space!

Spirits high, we turned up the east coast of the peninsula, heading almost due north. The views were exciting, the reindeer all over the place and the cape well within reach. Unfortunately, we’d been right to doubt our chances with the weather. We just hadn’t realised what kind of weather awaited us.

That signpost said we were within 20km of our goal but since our goal was a clifftop at the end of the road, we stopped to consider our options.


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