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September 21, 2012 / samwilson60

Made it – N 71° 11.114!

We set the alarm again, there was no visible sunrise again and we fell asleep again. But when we woke a couple of hours later, the sun was pushing through the clouds and we made a dash for Knivskjellodden, whatever the weather (or almost). As it happens, the sun won out and we got all the way out to Cape Cold and half the way back before the fog returned. We both fell in the mud and we broke the champagne, more cack-handed than ceremonial, but we made it!

On setting back it started to dawn on us that if this is Cape to Cape, we’re now officially on our way to Cape Hot – at least 20 countries away (probably more) and 11,765km as the crow flies. Game on!

We spent another night at Nordkapp Camping to dry off, warm up and do yet more admin. We also celebrated reaching Cape Cold with toasted spam sandwiches (the toasting makes all the difference) and Catherine cracked open the good coffee – thank you Martyn and Izzy!

Today we’re retracing our steps to Alta, home of northern Europe’s largest canyon (we somehow missed this on the way up), then taking a left to Finland.


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  1. Mark Bailey / Sep 23 2012 11:26 am

    Hello m8 been reading up sounds awesome looks like lord of the rings territory beware of my precious…………….

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