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September 24, 2012 / samwilson60

This is becoming something of an obsession…

Not disheartened by our lack of moose in the wild, and quite relieved we’d missed the bear, we continued south, eyes fixed on the woodland all around us. They’re not wrong – moose are shy, and probably rather well camouflaged. We took a few detours, aware that they’d be even less likely to line the bigger roads (if you can call them that). This resulted in yet more, still very pleasing, reindeer/fox episodes, but you guessed it, no moose.

As the day drew in we decided to try something new and pitched up at a campsite across the lake from some large forestland – so as not to crowd out the local wildlife and perhaps catch a glimpse from afar. The campsite was closed and hot water turned off, but the owner let us stay anyway and we appreciated the toilets at least. Binoculars to hand (thank you Dad), we scoured the edge of the forest until our eyes went funny and fingers blue. We really needed to get online and work out what we were missing. There are apparently hundreds of thousands of moose throughout Sweden (not to mention Norway and Finland) and although they are notoriously timid, the evidence is there – so should they be! We will endeavour to come back better informed and/or armed with moose photos next time we’re online.


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