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September 29, 2012 / samwilson60


As we re-entered Sweden we returned to the moose obsession – we’ve had an awesome time in Scandinavia and have seen more than we’d ever hoped for, but this was potentially our last night in moose country and the king of the forest continued to torment us. To the point that we thought we were seeing things when a big moose-shaped silhouette appeared on the horizon. This was, of course, just an advertising board, alerting us to a nearby moose park. We had obviously wanted to see our moose in the wild but, having tried everything else we could think of, we followed the signs just in case. The park, just like the others, was closed, but the moose still had to be around somewhere. It was like when we first spotted reindeer – first we saw just one and barely believed our eyes…

…then we saw another, and another. Check out the Flickr photos – it’s well worth it!


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