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September 29, 2012 / samwilson60

Not moose, but…

Having pitched up at a lovely, spacious (and open) campsite just north of Ostersund, we made the most of the facilities – including the most amazing tumble-dryer fridge – and did some moose research as promised. This resulted in a few funny stories about one getting drunk on fermented apples and being found stuck up a tree, but also helped us identify a place just north of Gothenburg that hosts the royal hunt, so we marked that as another worthwhile diversion on our way south. We then decided it was time to take our minds off the moose and focus on other things. The next destination was the Dovre mountain area back in Norway – home to wild reindeer and musk ox. The latter were reintroduced to Europe when about a dozen were brought from Greenland to the Dovrefjell in the mid-20th century. As it turns out, some have since wandered across the border and before even re-entering Norway we stumbled across these beauties:


There are apparently just 13 musk ox currently living in Sweden: 7 wild and 6 at the Swedish musk ox centre, just outside the village of Tännäs. We met four of their herd, the biggest of which (above) weighs in at over 500kg. The others appear to be his misses, their toddler and the third wheel – all positively dainty by comparison!

It was getting late by the time we’d finished admiring the mighty musk ox, so we hopped across the border, made camp up in the woods the far side of Roros and had our first real fire (once we’d established we’d already scared off any moose/bears that may have been loitering in the area).


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