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October 8, 2012 / samwilson60

Sunning ourselves, on the Costa del Sol of all places

Post-moose, we headed out to the Swedish coast, hoped across a couple of small islands and finished up in Malmo, a lovely town with a great coastline. We stayed at a bells and whistles campsite that wasn’t really to our tastes but more than met our needs, with lots of space and awesome views of the bridge to Copenhagen.

Since we didn’t have to be out until midday the following day, we made the most of the sunshine and facilities for a morning of exercise/electric window maintenance. This was to be just the start of our window issues and we left Malmo with neither working – fun and games at toll booths but not a problem in this heat.

From Copenhagen we took a snap decision to try our luck with a ferry over to Germany. There had initially been a veto on any more boats until Morocco but this was actually a rather painless shortcut – in 45 minutes on very calm waters we cut almost 200km off a very long hop south. With parents awaiting us in Nancy, we made a beeline through Germany to France, via Luxembourg. The only thing we can really say about the latter is that the cost of diesel more than made up for its rubbish (and at times fully dysfunctional) traffic lights.

France provided a really nice opportunity for a day off, which we spent relaxing with Mum and Dad, exploring Nancy, further investigating the car windows, unpacking, repacking and cutting Sam’s hair. As you’ll see from the Flickr photo, we need to work on our technique!

Making ourselves at home in Nancy

We packed up, said our goodbyes and left Nancy feeling refreshed and ready for Spain. We were back into crisis management mode soon enough, when the passenger window opened but wouldn’t close after the first toll booth – thankfully Sam got it sorted (read wedged shut) before the heavens opened.

There was another puzzling window incident the following day, combined with the extremely unpleasant smell of burning electrics, but this was all providing valuable information (apparently) to help pin down what was going on and how it could be fixed. From a motorway service station we ordered some parts and found a campsite we could have them delivered to in southern Spain We’re writing this from that campsite, which we found but the postman didn’t. It looks like Morocco will have to wait another day. It’s tantalisingly close but we’ll be there soon enough. In the meantime we’re doing what we can to research West African visas, embassies and campsites, in between countless cups of tea and coffee and the odd dip in the pool. It could be worse!


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