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October 13, 2012 / samwilson60

Final days in Europe

When it transpired the post still wasn’t going to arrive in time for us to get into Morocco, we decided to make the most of our extra day in Spain, starting with shopping in Estepona. We achieved all we set out for and more, with sandals, money, photocopying and printed templates for our DIY truck decor (having established that it’s hard to find Musk Ox stickers in Scandinavia, let alone Spain). On our way back to the car, we even spotted our elusive UPS man and, having done a slight double-take, accosted him on the spot. He knew exactly who we were, was responsible for our parcel but had decided in his wisdom to leave it in Malaga, again. With the aid of some nascent Spanglish and a helpful passer-by, we managed to confirm where the parcel was supposed to have been delivered five days previously and that he would bring it to us the following morning.

Back at camp, we used our templates, sticky black plastic and unexpected artistic abilities to update the Scandinavian mammals window, and put up the blackboard kindly provided by Mum and Dad so that we can keep track of our water consumption.

Having already plotted our first few days in Morocco and done all we could to prepare for the first attempt at on-the-road visas, all that was left was a trip to the beach to christen the aerobie (thank you Rosie). To our initial dismay, we learnt that it doesn’t float. On the upside, this ensured we both had a swim!

All in all, a longer than expected – but also more enjoyable than expected ­– stopover in Spain. The UPS man was true to his word and arrived at 10.30 on the dot the following morning. We hastily said our goodbyes and headed for the port, two very happy campers.


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