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October 13, 2012 / samwilson60

To Africa, finally!

After our goodbyes at the campsite, the least efficient part of the ‘To Africa’ day was actually getting the 60km to the port in Algeciras, but once we’d decided to go with the toll road, then located it, there was no stopping us. Ignoring all the touts we located the official sales booth for the boat (a first), and got our one-way tickets to Africa. Apparently the days of long waits at ferry terminals are long gone. After dashing round lorries, speeding past the police and very nearly boarding the wrong boat, we were on the water saying goodbye to Europe. This was a little premature, granted – we were sailing to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta – but it was symbolic and hugely exciting. The Moroccan boarder was almost as easy as the boat, if a little busier, and with the like-it-or-not help of a local fixer, we were officially in Africa in under an hour. Result!

We had great fun reminiscing as we wound our way through towns and villages to a familiar campsite overlooking Chefchaouen, on the edge of the Rif mountains.

We celebrated our first night in Morocco with dinner at a street-side cafe in town, where we soaked up the atmosphere and continued to reminisce, before getting ourselves thoroughly lost walking back to camp – apparently not as familiar with our surroundings as we thought, but nothing a Petit Taxi couldn’t fix.


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  1. Sam Doepel / Oct 15 2012 12:21 pm

    Ah, I remember that Morroccan border being rather traumatic, but maybe thats just what happens when you have the wring passport…

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