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October 14, 2012 / samwilson60

Slowing things down in Africa

We woke to a lovely sunny first morning in Morocco and quickly decided there was no need to rush anywhere. Having waiting so long for the window parts, it was high time we (Sam) tried putting them to good use. We were aware that one of our next tasks in Morocco would be visas in Rabat (hopefully Mali and Guinea, and no need to rule out Burkina), but we were in no hurry to embark on this mission just yet. Staying an extra day in Chefchaouen resulted in two functional windows, in an African sort of way – we may need to do a dedicated post explaining the solution but we’ll give it a few days to mature first.

We left our familiar campsite the next morning, heading for pastures new. Having resigned ourselves to the reality of visa-hunting, and actually realised we were genuinely motivated for the task, we didn’t want to get too far south. We deliberately took a few minor diversions on more minor roads and happened upon the Bellevue campsite just north of Meknes fairly early in the day (not sure how early as we’d forgotten to check the time difference). We really hoped this place would feel right and were slightly dismayed by the welcome we got from the dog in the entrance, but once inside we knew we’d be happy here. Not only did the dogs warm to us, but the tortoise welcomed us with open arms – or near as damn it!

We had a bit of a sit down and a cold beer before trying to stencil the tortoise for the truck windows, then decided we were better off having a stroll into the nearby village and a slightly more strenuous but short hike up the hill on the way to admire the view.


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