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October 14, 2012 / samwilson60

Visa day?

We woke the next morning both really excited about heading into Rabat and attempting to get visas. We had a mint tea courtesy of the campsite and discussed routes with the locals, then took the questionable decision to disregard their suggestions and find our own best way into and around the city. This worked out miraculously – all the research and preparations were already paying off. We still didn’t know exactly what time it was but were on the right side of town and then parked right outside the Malian embassy before we’d broken a sweat (and with city driving in these parts that’s saying something). There was a helpful notice outside telling us when they were open, what visas they issued and how much these visas cost – this couldn’t be easier. Taking the lack of activity to mean they were closed for lunch, we asked the security guard down the road for the time. His answer – 11.45 – was highly confusing… until we realised it was 11.45 on a Saturday. Arse!

Not really sure how to react but clearly unable to do much more outside the embassy, we headed out of town and along the coast. Ultimately fairly happy with our day’s successes/failure, we found a campsite by the sea, with Wi-Fi no less. We’ve ended up a bit further from Rabat than we’d hoped, bearing in mind all the to-ing and fro-ing we’ll have to do when the embassies reopen on Monday, but for a Sunday with nothing better to do than explore, catch up on the blog and continue our arts and crafts, there are much worse places to be.

Out the front of L’Ocean Bleu campite, nr Mansouria. Visas can wait until Monday.



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