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October 24, 2012 / samwilson60

Back into the wild

After nearly a week in and around Rabat and up to the eyeballs in visas, we needed a bit of wilderness before heading south. To this end, we took a multitude of minor roads loosely east towards the Cedar Forest we knew and loved, in search of a short drive and a cool wild camp. We ended up closer to Azrou than we’d meant to, but got our wild camp and fully appreciated every bit of it.

The next day was even more aimless, resulting in us very nearly retracing our steps on various occasions and taking some tracks we and our various maps didn’t even know existed. We called it quits when we came across a very cute campsite as dusk was setting in, having restocked in Meknes and worked out a more purposeful plan for the days ahead. This involved skipping through the Cedar Forest proper, monkey spotting as we went, then carving our way through the Atlas. We made camp halfway between El Kebab and Imilchil, and pitched our first tarp of Africa (in the rain at around 1500m, the flipflops have sadly, if temporarily, been swapped for thermals and multiple jumpers).



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