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October 24, 2012 / samwilson60

First pistes proper

We left our slightly chilly and damp wild camp in search of even more altitude – the High Atlas having appeared on the horizon. We ended up doing much more exciting piste driving than expected, into far bluer skies than expected. The hubs were locked and four-wheel drive engaged for the first time on the trip, and all manner of fun was had winding our way up and around the mountains.

Thanks to the truck that saw us from the top and waited, we only had to reverse down the side of a cliff once and shortly after popped out into the Gorges du Dades, much drier than the last time we’d passed through this way but equally stunning. We were back on memory lane and into the Morocco we truly know and love.

Piste two of the day was even more hair-raising than the first. Having already done so much and come surprisingly far, we called it a day as soon as we could get out of harms way, in a small plateau with awesome star-gazing potential and sufficient rocks to get the truck almost level enough to sleep in (almost is the word).


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