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October 24, 2012 / samwilson60

Visas, take two

An altogether more successful day, it being a Monday and everyone back at work. Granted, we took a 10 dirham diversion the wrong way up the motorway, but after that we made as direct a line as possible to the Malian embassy, where the welcome was warm and the visa process seemingly even more efficient than advertised outside. “Come back around 14.00, c’est tout bon.” It being only 10.00 (watches finally adjusted to local time), we trotted down the road to enquire about Guinea and Burkina visas. Again, two very warm welcomes and a lot of banter from the Guineans (or at least we think it was just banter – time will tell).

Having picked up lots of forms and achieved all we set out to, we treated ourselves to a mint tea at a nearby café then headed out to the coast for lunch – a bit more extravagant than we were going for but we felt we’d earned it, and we probably needed it before tackling city centre traffic for the third time in a day. We were joined by another tortoise (small and red this time – really rather cool!) and very much enjoyed the unidentified meat and chips.

Back at the Malian embassy at 14.15 – fashionably late by our standards – we made ourselves comfortable for about an hour and a half, then just before almost thinking about possibly making a scene, we were summoned. Having the foresight to check what we’d signed for, we saw that they were due to expire the day before they started and got the dates corrected before trotting off patting ourselves on the back (note to self: could have altered them ourselves).

Back to camp to work on Burkina hotel reservations and prepare for seemingly straightforward Guinea visas tomorrow, among other equally pressing, more artsy tasks.

Having discovered, with Mum’s help, that our Spanish stick insect was actually a praying mantis, we decided it had a place alongside the moose, reindeer, bear paw, musk ox and whale tail.

The finished product!



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