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October 31, 2012 / samwilson60

Eid in Tiznit

Friendly neighbour and Toyota dealership combined led us to the realisation that it was Eid and our souvenir shopping (and Anthea’s birthday present) would have to wait. Tiznit was an eerie, ghost town of a place. The only signs of life were at the many, many garages we visited, in search of the perfect oil. Tying ourselves in knots trying to understand the different variations available and how close they were to what we were looking for, we pinned our hopes on Google and almost drew to a halt in the middle of the roundabout when the computer found Wi-Fi. We did only slightly better – stopping in the middle of a one-way street on side of said roundabout, pointing the wrong way. Within minutes we were herded away but found the answers to our questions in the nick of time and heading back onto the roundabout to garage number three. Having just one thing ticked off the shopping list was enough to send us back out to the coast in search of sunshine and a slightly overdue wild camp.



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