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October 31, 2012 / samwilson60

Ouazarzate to Agadir

We took full advantage of Pete and his wife’s hospitality in Ouazarzate and ate like kings before embarking on a half-tarmac, half-offroad route to Agadir – a lighter option than initially planned but a fun one nonetheless.


We struggled more than expected to find a wild camp en route so ended up at 40 dirham a night campsite which, once you got over the smell (olive trees?), was really rather pleasant. Rainy but pleasant, with a great olive trees + truck tarp.

We continued onto Agadir along the back roads, collecting twigs for the kettle as we went, and found our way back to our favourite supermarket south of the city, after dithering fairly fruitlessly in our search for a very particular brand of oil for the truck, a subtlety lost on your average Moroccan garage attendant.

Out of Agadir, looking for early coastal stop, we ended up driving through a small national park and onto the beach – a road according to the GPS. After nearly getting stuck a couple of times on softer than expected sand, we reminded ourselves this was not a jolly in Morocco but the start of something huge, and a really silly time to be beating up ourselves or the Tinker Beast unnecessarily.

So, back to the road and the next campsite marked on the map – a rather mediocre, compound-style set-up, but with a good view of the sea and some friendly British neighbours. If we’d known we’d have carried onto Aglou Plage – nicer version of the same thing – but this was a fine place to ply ourselves with Lariam and decorate the glove box with a weekly reminder (will be perfect if we retain any idea of what day of the week it is). Everyone will be relieved to hear, we awoke the next morning without a sharp object in sight and certainly no blood shed.


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