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November 25, 2012 / samwilson60

Deeper into the Fouta Djallon

We dragged ourselves away from Labé after two days, despite having properly made ourselves at home – it was our kind of town, we were perfectly located and were made to feel very welcome by everyone we met. We even found our Senegalese friends again, or rather they found us (we couldn’t believe they’d spotted us at first but then remembered how much we must stand out).

Having packed up and said our goodbyes at the hotel, we spent another hour round the corner at our local internet café – slightly less excruciating than the previous visits but still too slow a connection to do anything but the bare essentials (sorry for any unanswered emails or failure to Skype). From there we did a quick dash back to the grocer’s, via the beer shop, then on to the petrol station and last stop the bread stall. Fully stocked and no longer millionaires even in Guinea, we took a very pleasant drive to Pita in search of waterfalls. There are lots in the area but they’re not exactly signposted, so we ended up in Dalaba without having done the washing or had a dip. Before entering town, we did at least spot the route to one of Guinea’s tallest falls, conveniently located just 35km away, but that would keep for the morning. In the meantime, we negotiated a shady space for our tent outside the town’s flashiest hotel – not flashy in the conventional sense but in large grounds on the edge of a beautiful escarpment, the views from its unique terrace unbeatable.

When heading out to admire our surrounds, Sam stumbled over three children playing football enthusiastically with a bundle of plastic bags wound together in elastic bands. They were clearly having a great time, pausing only to shake hands and say hello and reminding Sam, in the process, of the footballs we had languishing on the roof.

They were absolutely made-up with the unexpected gift and showed genuine skills with the real thing.


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