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November 26, 2012 / samwilson60


As Guinea’s second city, we shouldn’t really have been surprised by its size, but in reality we were blown away. We did multiple laps of town in the Tinker Beast, including two attempts at driving straight through the Grand Marché (not something we can recommend). Eventually we opted to park the car and explore on foot, convinced there was a hotel and possibly even a supermarket hidden around here somewhere. We found both but neither quite met our needs, so after a very brief stop for internet we headed back out of town to the excitingly named Motel Baobab. It turns out “motel” is Guinean for brothel. We thought we’d lucked in when they said the rooms went for 15,000 francs (less than 2 euros) but in the morning discovered this was an hourly rate. Nevertheless, a relaxing evening of tent repairs and more car maintenance (free-wheel hub) and a surprisingly good night’s sleep in the tent, thanks to a smaller than usual generator thoughtfully hidden around the corner by the toilet/hole in concrete. It took an absolute age to leave in the morning, all the staff having gone into town for the day at the crack of dawn and the guy left holding the fort not knowing how to deal with our complete misunderstanding of the rates and what we owed for camping in the grounds such an establishment. Despite sitting patiently for over an hour, we were in Siguiri before lunch looking for anything that didn’t advertise as a motel.

We thought we’d lucked in


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