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December 1, 2012 / samwilson60

First taste of Burkina, and Brakina!

After a brew and some twig collecting at our watering hole, we headed on to Bobo, really excited to be in a country we had such a good feeling about and had been eager to visit for years. The toll booths were for the most part defunct and the checkpoints disinterested so we made good time and found our Campement Le Pacha without too much too-ing and fro-ing. The Swiss-run establishment was almost deserted and in the midst of some fairly significant renovations, but we got a warm welcome, for once were not eyeballed as crazies for wanting to sleep in the tent and settled in to an amusing chat with a local expat based in Ouaga. After a brief foray into town, we feasted on cashew nuts and stone-baked pizzas, followed soon after by the best night’s sleep in ages.

IMG_9533   IMG_1976

The next day, we left the Tinker Beast at camp and headed further into town. A full day on foot, wandering over and along the river, through the market, via various cafes – some for internet, others beer – it was a really nice change of pace. We even started our Christmas shopping, earlier than ever before and markedly more successful (Rosie – tick).

IMG_1960  IMG_1962


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  1. John Fitzgerald / Dec 5 2012 8:33 am

    Glad you got through Mali OK, and Christmas shopping in Ouaga sounds fab! Enjoying the blog

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