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December 1, 2012 / samwilson60

Siguiri – the last major town in Guinea

In Siguiri, we stayed at Hotel Tam Tam. the only place recommended-ish in the Lonely Planet.


We were delighted by the simple pleasures of running water and fan that didn’t look like it would decapitate you in the night, but were wary of the mattress and mosquito potential. The obvious solution turned out to be the best – put the tent up inside the room – and after an awesome evening on the roof terrace, and some mediocre brochettes, we sleep very well on the floor alongside the bed with the fan pointed directly in our faces. The place was heaving by nightfall, and the dust was epic, so we were quite glad we hadn’t insisted on the usual tent in the car park setup and that all the other guests blocking us in were up and out as early as us. We had loved Guinea and were sad to leave, but the prospect of getting safely across to Burkina was starting to weigh on us and we knew we had to bite the bullet and get across Mali. We’d spent a long time discussing the situation, paid as much attention as possible to the various developments and considered all our options, including Ivory Coast or turning around altogether. Having consulted those we know in Mali, we decided if we stayed south the risks of running into trouble were negligible but changed our route slightly to go via Bamako (longer way round but faster roads and more of a known quantity). We were far from excited and knew we’d be on edge whatever, but we were working ourselves up and had to put an end to the what ifs and horror scenarios before we could properly relax again. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to others but had decided what we wanted to do and just wanted to get it done. We left Siguiri early so that we could make it to Bamako well before dusk, whatever the borders threw at us.


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