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December 20, 2012 / samwilson60

Into Ghana through the back door

We hadn’t meant to venture so far so fast but having been delayed in Ouagadougou so long and finding ourselves with all we needed to leave the country before midday, we pushed on to the border and crossed with the least fanfare to date. On the Burkina side there was no hassle, no long-winded chit-chat and no confusion – except for the distinct lack of Ghana entry formalities on the other side. This was not our first or longest stretch of no-man’s land but for some reason the most unsettling. We couldn’t have actually missed a turn, as there was no turn to miss, and eventually our nagging doubts proved unwarranted and the border presented itself. It was just one building – it couldn’t have been simpler: customs on one side, immigration the other. Initially customs told us we had to clear immigration first, but then immigration said the opposite. Here we go again, we thought, but no. For once, the best solution was the simplest and we dealt with one each, simultaneously. Sam, on the customs side, was treated brilliantly but kept waiting for the big boss, the only one with the carnet stamp; Catherine, at immigration, spent this time fielding the usual marriage proposals (a familiar but never entirely comfortable form of banter the Ghanaians, it later transpired, were quite fond of). All still friends and with everything stamped, we skipped off via a surprise cash machine in the border town and off in the direction of a campsite we’d spotted on the GPS. With no tarmac and zero visibility every time we were overtaken on the dusty piste, it wasn’t long before dusk when we spotted the turning, ominously marked “luxury tented camp”. It did look pretty luxurious by rural campsite standards, but pretty closed too. Undeterred, we made camp and had a very relaxing night’s sleep, with only fleeting concerns about what big game might be keeping everyone else at bay.

IMG_2042 IMG_2044


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