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December 20, 2012 / samwilson60

Nigerian visa day?

We’d amassed a plentiful to-do list for the following morning, to try to keep ourselves occupied until our 1pm appointment at the embassy and to distract ourselves at least in part from the inescapable “What if the answer’s no?” trauma. We did well, with the help of a surprisingly good internet café and some even better pork, then nearly cried when a very angry policeman on the roundabout started whistling and gesticulating violently in our direction. After a heart-stopping “What could we have possibly done wrong this time?” we realised he was directing his wrath at the Merc behind us. After that near miss, we pulled up outside the Nigerians’ in high spirits. We had both considered the oddity of being given an appointment on what turned out to be Burkina’s independence day proper, but as this was the Nigerian embassy and they were the ones that gave us the time and date, we’d dismissed our doubts quickly. What a fail! The only person at work was the poor, long-suffering security guard. There was no getting our passports back, with or without visas, and after the tension and suspense of the last five days, this was almost too much to bear. We quickly decided all we could do was find somewhere to pitch the tent for the night without adding any needless kilometres or stress. The first place we saw signposted simply advertised its swimming pool. Neither of us thought there would be much of a pool to write home about (those we’d spotted previously had been empty at best) and either way it would be over budget and unaccommodating of our tent, but for some reason we decided to enquire anyway and were immensely glad we did. It was five-star luxury at campsite prices and with service as attentive as you could hope for, somehow without it feeling intrusive. Within the hour we were laughing about the Nigerians and prepared to storm the embassy at dawn, visa day or no. Falling on our feet, yet again!


IMG_2033 IMG_2034


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  1. Lise / Dec 24 2012 3:40 pm

    I hope you got to swim in that pool-looks awesome! X

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