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December 22, 2012 / samwilson60

Benin visas, oh yeah

We’d left the lady at the Beninese embassy with our Ghanaian phone number in case there was a problem with our overly demanding request for 30 days in a country most overlanders seem to cross in 48 hours. By 11am we’d had a swim and no phone call, and our dirty laundry was no less skanky, so we dragged ourselves off and back into Accra. We made it into town and to the embassy with time to get to the bank, have some Lebanese fried chicken and even spent half an hour on the internet before our appointment at the embassy. Our visas had apparently been issued (yay!) but we had to wait half an hour for the receipts (apparently not the done thing to go without). Despite the slight delay, we stuck to our tentative plan and struck out of town east, to get as close to the Togolese border as possible, so that we’d be in Lomé in time to continue the Nigerian embassy tour on Monday. The roadside police were unsettlingly amused by our destination – Ada – and we were a little dispirited as we drove around the seaside town looking for anywhere that would put us up, but as the sun suddenly dropped and our standards too, we saw the Cocoloco Beach Resort ahead and knew we’d take whatever they had to offer. As it happens this comprised a deserted seafront bar and camping in the grounds of the dilapidated hotel – complete with enough running water to get soapy and shampooed, and a well of sorts that had just enough water to rinse with. Beggars can’t be choosers and all, we decided we were quite well off and after a slightly traumatic “The Nigerians are buggering everything up” conversation, we slept really rather well.


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