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December 22, 2012 / samwilson60

Big Milly’s

After handing in our passports at the Beninese embassy, we really weren’t that excited about driving the in-construction gauntlet back to Aburi. The botanical gardens had been a really nice find but the drive had been traumatic at best, and wherever we went that afternoon we’d have to repeat the next morning. With this in mind, and a distinct lack of inviting, affordable accommodation in the embassy part of town, we headed to Big Milly’s – the only place we knew would let us camp and unwind over a cool beer or two. The drive was a dream by Accra standards, and reassuringly quick too. As we approached we had a few false alarms, certain locals wise to the appeal of Big Milly’s tried to claim they were the real thing, but we pushed on fairly confident we’d know it when we saw it and this paid off. It was a lot bigger and more commercialised than expected, but it was hassle-free and literally on the beachfront and we were delighted. Big Milly herself is a slight lady originally from the south coast of England and a very gracious, welcoming host. We felt like we were on holiday again and were really chuffed at having made it to the famous palm-lined coast, having thought since we’d entered Ghana that we’d miss out on this side of the country due to our by now slightly boring time constraints.






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