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January 10, 2013 / samwilson60

Fondue in Togo

Our safe haven in Lomé was Chez Alice, another European-owned hotel/campsite with a twist. For the camping section we were directed, with suitable vagueness, down a couple of side alleys to an unmarked compound. Thankfully, inside the women and children were friendly and eventually the bar staff confirmed we hadn’t pitched up in someone else’s backyard.

After a couple of beers in the shade we were already feeling better and started tentatively discussing our next steps. We had a couple of days before needing to be in Benin and were running out of Nigerian embassies to pester for new visas. On top of that, we’d heard that most other travellers in our situation got their DRC visas in Lomé, and although we couldn’t for the life of us work out how this would work (no clue when we’ll be in that neck of the woods), we agreed we should make enquiries at least. The idea of driving around Lomé, or anywhere right now, filled us with dread though, and we’d heard ominous things about the roadside police around Lomé (although in the end we encountered nothing of any note). We also had no idea where we were going (the usual scenario with the Nigerians) and although the bush taxis probably didn’t either, we got rather excited about letting someone else take charge.

With a plan hatched, tent pitched and clothes washed, we had a swim and a shower (double whammy) and settled in for an interesting evening of traditional music and dance, over a giant fondue bourguignonne of all things!



Who needs a guard dog?


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  1. leelee / Jan 11 2013 9:21 am

    ah ha! there you are! been missing your installments, but luckily sam brought back plenty of news and pics! missing you guys man xxx

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