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April 11, 2013 / samwilson60

Waterval anyone?

We phoned Sandy from Kamieskroon to announce that we were a mere 500km from Cape Town. She dealt wonderfully with the abysmal lack of prior notice, pointing out that somehow (pure fluke) we’d actually timed our arrival pretty well… We were just a couple of days away from the long Easter weekend and they were at home for it. We made plans to meet at her parents’ place in Langebaan on the Friday and were advised to check out the imaginatively named Waterval in the meantime.

Waterval was a top tip, even without the water 🙂  The campsite there is beautiful, and the owners lovely. If it hadn’t been for Cat’s hypersensitivity to the sun, we would have taken a walk up onto the cliffs above, but as it was we settled for a wander down to the puddle that once was a waterfall – and would apparently be one again in a matter of weeks (still stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree).




With limited swimming on offer at Waterval, we decided to see if we could do any better on the coast before our rendezvous in Langebaan. As we approached the coast, we saw the most amazing smoky cloud/fog in place of the sea. It was hard to tell what it was exactly but as we neared it dawned on us – this was what made the Skeleton Coast the Skeleton Coast. It was incredible, periodically obscuring everything around but moving and shifting constantly to reveal different parts of our surroundings.

We took a track that lead to another, sandier track, leading us right to a deserted stretch of beach. Initially we parked on the small cliff up top but once we’d decided we’d be staying the night, we wanted to move the car onto the beach proper. There was no question of putting the tent up on the spikey cliff-top foliage and we didn’t want to leave the Tinker Beast out of earshot. Getting down was surprisingly easy and we were instantly glad we’d made the move.

IMG_9616 IMG_3254


After Cat had bravely tested the water (FAR too cold), we spent the rest of the afternoon playing boule and sifting through shells. Discovering it was possible to make holes in some of the nicer ones only fed the obsession (think gearstick decoration/necklaces), to the point that neither of us could walk even a few metres without coming back with a handful of shells for the other to inspect.

We slept to the sound of the waves – waves we couldn’t even see through the fog for most of the evening – and awoke to beautifully clear skies. After just one tea/coffee we decided we’d enjoy the second more with the Tinker Beast safely back off the beach. Three hours and two brews later, we’d dug the Beast out of the sand about a dozen times and moved her a staggering 60m or so. We were exhausted but on solid ground again. By this point we were well past morning cuppas – it was nearing midday, Sandy and Bianca would be nearing Langebaan and we were still hours away.


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  1. leelee / Apr 11 2013 4:04 pm

    awwww. super nostalgia attack! we were just at waterval with all the gang last year!

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