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April 18, 2013 / samwilson60

A short hop to Cape Hot

When we eventually tore ourselves away from Sandy and Bianca’s, we were almost as excited about how and when we might make it back to Cape Town as we were about being within 300km of our long-awaited, much-anticipated ‘destination’, Cape Hot (aka Agulhas). It seemed particularly fitting that we’d been the road seven months to the day, so there was no debating where we planned to be that night. We stuck as close as we could to the coast from Muizenberg to Agulhas, making for a very scenic drive, and a surprisingly swift one at that.

Agulhas itself was nicer than the Lonely Planet had suggested but not vastly. We wanted to camp as close as we could to the cape so settled for the rather soulless but extremely convenient caravan and camping site. Our view out to sea was obscured by a line of rather ugly houses but we were seconds from the rocky coast and a sea-water swimming pool, minutes from fish and chips (special occasion and all that) and, most importantly, less than two kilometres from the official southernmost point in Africa!

Making camp we were getting markedly more excited as it sunk it that we really had made it, to the point that we could contain our excitement no more. Without giving more than a passing thought to the malaria medication, we grabbed a bottle of bubbly (the real stuff this time) and set out along the rocks and intermittent boardwalk to the monument at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian. This (albeit rather circuitously) was precisely the point we’d been aiming for since leaving home, seven months and 40,136km ago!





As the sun started to set, we sat out on the rocks behind the monument to savour the moment – after so many months of “Let’s just see if we even make it all the way south,” we now had to work out how the hell we’d get home again 🙂



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  1. leelee / Apr 18 2013 9:41 am

    ¡Enhorabuena amigos! (can you tell I’m really getting into the whole ‘moving to spain’ thing?)
    nicely done team wilson! xxx

  2. Peter Cullen / Apr 18 2013 11:19 am

    Congratulations. Well done.

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