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May 11, 2013 / samwilson60

Back on the road

After a second round of farewells at the backpackers in Pretoria, we hit the road – for real this time. The Tinker Beast seemed to be back on full form so, as planned, we blasted our way to and through the Botswana border. While more or less efficient, the officials scored poorly on the sense of humour scale, all except the last that is. Instead of doing the rather thorough search we’d seen him subject the last few cars to, when we rolled up all he wanted was a photo of him and the “antique” (read classic car). We consented, of course, and chatted for a while about what a wonderful Beast she is, then that was that. Just as we’d started to doubt we’d ever make it out of South Africa, let alone back to Europe, we were back on track, in Botswana!

With time clearly against us and absolutely no desire to waste it in the city, we’d decided not to faff around trying to get a permit for the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and instead made a beeline for the Okavango Delta. This made for another two long days of driving but also gave us a chance to get back into the swing of things and enjoy two awesome wild camps in the Kalahari bush. Sat around our little fire under a sky packed full of stars, we couldn’t have been happier.





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