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June 5, 2013 / samwilson60

…and by night

We eventually made it back to camp about an hour and a half late and all beaming ear to ear. As if the morning hadn’t been enough, we only had a few hours before setting off again, with our same trusty guide albeit in a slightly more ailing car. The night drive started with the same jokes and anecdotes we’d heard that morning but it came into its own at sundown.



After watching the sun set over the hippo-filled river we set off again into the dark. BJ had explained he wouldn’t be stopping for things we could see plenty of in the daytime but this didn’t stop some of the other passengers jumping up and down when we drove past a pair of giraffe. They were even less impressed when we stopped for a hare but we got the impression BJ was deliberately antagonising them by this point. Everyone’s spirits lifted greatly when we spotted a spotted hyena. We’d been told they liked to follow lions and leopards in the hope of stealing their dinner and true enough, seconds after seeing the hyena we found the leopard it was stalking. She fairly quickly gave up on any hunt she was pursuing and slinked off into the long grass. BJ made a point about not being allowed to leave the track then promptly ploughed straight through the undergrowth so that we could see the leopard close up, before getting back onto the track before the approaching vehicle could tell what we’d been up to.



Before we’d had a chance to fully recover from the excitement, we spied our first ever civet, followed almost instantly by a genet (the two unfortunately indistinguishable in window silhouettes and the first too quick even for a photo).

IMG_9190 IMG_9186

Our third and final leopard sighting was nearly thwarted by a pair of hippos that sauntered out of a dry river bed right in front of the car. It was such a special sight, and BJ’s reaction was so comical, we almost forgot what we were rushing for, but then we saw the leopard too 🙂




Before the night was over, we saw another hyena, who’d actually caught its own dinner for a change, and a hippo cunningly disguised as a heap of Nile cabbage – genius!




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  1. Peter Cullen / Jun 6 2013 7:31 am

    Just managed to catch up on the blog. Great write ups and fantastic shots.

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