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Brother and sister, we surprised everyone we know (not least ourselves) when we discovered that not only do we get on quite well, we travel together brilliantly. A relatively short but extremely enjoyable jaunt to Timbuktu planted the seed for longer term travel and soon this Cape to Cape adventure was born. Sam brings the mechanical know-how to the enterprise, Catherine the linguistics. The rest, we’ll work it out as we go along! Many long years of planning have finally paid off and we are away…



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  1. Daniel & Louise Yeo / Nov 20 2012 3:32 pm

    You Guys out there…be careful i understand how dangerous the west route is get to
    Ghana and head to Brenu beach up the coastline…….BE CAREFULL
    pure heaven……Be safe and travel well
    Dan & Louise

  2. Clemens / Dec 6 2012 12:36 pm

    Nice meeting you guys here in Ouagadougou, though you were gone this morning, i easily slept
    11 hours tonight, cycling through Afica does make tired! check out !BIKES FOR AFRICA! Have a nice trip. Greets Clemens

  3. Gareth / Dec 31 2012 5:14 pm

    Hi Catherine,
    A great big HAPPY NEW YEAR from Leysin! Hope you have a start to 2013!
    Gareth, Magda, Ben, Stevie, James, Juliette, Stefan

  4. Peter Cullen / Jan 23 2013 8:52 am

    Hi Sam and Catherine,

    I met your mum in Waitrose yesterday and finally got the blog site so, in snowy Allerwash, I’m settling in beside a warm fire to enjoy your trip and hopefully bring back great memories. My travels have been curtailed due to both children getting married last year and our niece getting married in Canada this year. Next year perhaps?


  5. S George / Feb 27 2013 3:00 pm

    Hi guys
    Mary told me about your blog and I have been looking at it.
    What fun!!!
    Best of luck in all your ventures

  6. Peter Cullen / Mar 31 2013 6:08 pm

    Sam, Cat Hi.

    I got the news yesterday from Mary that there were further uploads on the blog. Glad I met her. I’ve just finished the latest episode of your adventures which makes riveting reading. I was remembering all those thoughts that go through your mind anticipating what will/may/ might happen at the next border – will they stop me? what do they want this time? Is that really customs/immigration etc. Have I registered. I’ve turned up at more borders only to find out that I hadn’t registered daily/weekly/once and wasted more time looking for places to register when the rules had changed the prev ious month! You can work yourself up into a frenzy if you let it get hold of you. It’s great that at least you have each other.

    Sorry to hear of your setback Cat. No alcohol, limited diet! A bummer. You’ll have to postpone your celebration until you can do it properly.

    Best wishes for the rest of the journey and I’ll be looking forward to reading the rest of your journal.


  7. Ingrid S / Apr 16 2013 8:27 pm

    Loving your blog – inspiring and powerful stuff! Can’t wait for the next installment x

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